Friendly creative types

Studio Buchanan is something like the love child of a creative studio and a type design foundry – a creative foundry if you will. Whatever your creative need, we'll help you find some type of solution...

A little bit about us

Since 2016 we've been working with all things type – from the design and production of fonts to logo design, branding and beyond. And to be honest, type will always be a core aspect of what we do because text is usually a core aspect of what you do too!

That being said, with over a decade of experience across the creative industry we often turn our hands to a wider range of creative services. From shaping new brands, tweaking existing visual identities or building robust design systems. We're happy to help.

We're enthusiastic and passionate creatives who love bringing ideas to life – whatever form that might take! And whatever the brief or task, you can be sure that we'll try to capture a sense of personality, individuality and positivity.

We love to talk about type, design, or whatever you're in to. Head over to our contact page and drop us a message, we'd love to hear from you.

Why is everything black & white?

That's a good question. It might seem like we're piggy-backing a trend, but let's face it – black and white is a timeless combo. You may think it's because we're not that good at working with colour, but we have our own, dare I say – 'scientific', reasons.

Our brains aren't inherently good at dissecting visual stimulus and evaluating the individual parts on their own merits. So in order for us to know you see the aspects of our typefaces for their actual personality, and not all of the 'design' that lives around it, we choose to present it in plain old black and white.

Our typefaces are just tools. What you choose to make with them has to come from your own imagination and creativity! You get to add the colour.