heading: Norfolk’s finest fonts

Norfolk’s finest fonts

Oh hey there! It's nice to meet you. We're type aficionados, making & selling retail and custom typefaces. Amongst a few other things.

heading: Who are you guys anyway?

Who are you guys anyway?

Studio Buchanan is a type design foundry and creative studio founded by Jonny Gibson. Since 2016 we've been covering all things type – from the design and production of fonts to logo design, branding and beyond.

We have over a decade of experience working across the design industry, which means our approach to type design is rooted in a firm understanding of branding and its requirements. We know the technical aspects of type but we also know how it gets used in a wider design system.

We love letters and we're passionate about spreading the gospel of typography. Whether it's making bitchin' typefaces, lecturing, or helping a young designer discover the power of type – we're up for it all. Head over to our contact page and let's talk type.

heading: Why is everything black & white?

Why is everything black & white?

That's a good question. It might seem like we're piggy-backing a trend, but let's face it – black and white is a timeless combo. Haters will say we're not good at working with colour, but we have our own, dare I say – 'scientific', reasons.

You see, your brain isn't geared up for dissecting visual stimulus and evaluating the individual parts on their own merits. It's Gestalt principles 101. Sum of the whole, etc. So in order for us to know you see the typefaces for their inherent personality, and not all of the 'design' that lives around it (see the use of colour stated previously), we choose to present it in plain old black and white.

Plus, YOU get to add the colour. We simply make the tools. What you choose to make with them has to come from your own imagination and creativity!