Custom Type

Custom Type

Whether you want to change a few characters in an existing face or have your sights on a totally bespoke family of fonts – we can help! Custom type is the perfect tool to give your brand some individuality.

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Custom Type Cheat Sheet

Whether you only want to change a few characters, or need a fully bespoke font family, here's how we can help:


Custom type doesn’t mean starting from scratch! In most cases small adjustments can be made to our existing families, making something unique for your brand. It’s the quickest way to get something that works for you.


Maybe all you need is a few extra characters like emojis, mathematical symbols, or adding entirely new language support. We can add elements to our existing faces to make them work for your brand needs.


For true exclusivity, nothing beats a completely bespoke typeface. Whether it’s creating a face from your logo mark, a multi-weight family designed from your brand values, something totally different – The sky is the limit!