heading: Twitch design

Twitch design

Well, hey there friend! You're probably here because you're after some kind of stream related design work – find out what we do and how it works below.

Have a look at some of the services we offer

column_1_heading: Branding & Identity

Branding & Identity

Your brand is more than just your Twitch graphics. We help design your logo, colour palette and typeface – an identity that you can use anywhere and everywhere!

column_2_heading: Scenes & Overlays

Scenes & Overlays

We create scenes for every occasion! Intros, intermissions – you name it. Then we sprinkle on some webcams, bars or whatever you want on screen.

column_3_heading: Custom Alerts

Custom Alerts

Celebrate your stream events with some cool, creative, custom alerts! From raids, to subs, follows or bits.

column_1_heading: Sub & Bit Badges

Sub & Bit Badges

Give your community the chance to show off their loyalty with fun on-brand sub badges and bit badges.

column_2_heading: Merch Design

Merch Design

Take your identity from the small screen into the real world. We can help you with designs for all kinds of merch.

column_3_heading: Animation & Video

Animation & Video

Everything comes to life with motion. From animated stingers to intro videos and animations – we bake motion into as much as possible!


heading: STEP ONE...


Before we start anything, it helps to have as much detail as possible about you, your stream, your likes and dislikes... and of course your hopes, dreams, thoughts and ideas for your new stream direction.

Start by filling out our contact form and don't skimp on the details! From there we'll set up a call to say hey, and together we'll establish the brief.

heading: STEP TWO...


We've got the brief, now it's time to get to work!

Together we'll establish themes, art style, or whatever conveys the vibe you're looking for. Then it's on us to go away and make mockups of how things could look... a few badges, some logo options, maybe a couple of different scene styles? We'll do this until you feel comfortable with how it's all looking, giving you plenty of opportunity to feedback and discuss things as we nail down the overall look and feel.

heading: STEP THREE...


Once we have your approval on the direction, we get to work on finalising the assets, and producing all the sizes and variants you need to make the whole thing work. You can expect these to come over in small groups, giving you a chance to put things together how it works for you, one step at a time.

And then we're done! Your new brand is ready to go, and you're all set to take it on and make it truly yours!

Timelines are always dependant on the complexity of your brief, but a typical overhaul could run as long as 6-8weeks. This gives time for creative ideas to percolate and makes sure nothing gets rushed!

Ready to chat? Then let's talk!