Published in 2017

Jonny Gibson

16 Styles


37 languages

Halcyon's design builds on the foundations of classic typefaces such as Futura, Gill Sans and ITC Avant Garde Gothic, by mixing their geometric structure with more modern humanist qualities and attributes. The result is a friendly and approachable personality with a sophisticated and serious edge. Halcyon feels familiar, but unique, playful but not asinine. The versatility of its character makes Halcyon a reliable choice for any design decision.

With a large variety of weights, and a whole host of Open Type features, Halcyon can adapt to fit the tone of your communications. The lighter weights present a more refined and formal voice, while the heavier, oversized weights grow more exuberant. It's large x-height and open apertures increase it's legibility, making it perfect for setting large display headlines or small sized, long form text.

Halcyon is a multilingual family with hundreds of accented characters, and allows for customisable characters through diacritic combinations. All European languages are already covered, alongside many more within the Latin alphabet.