Humanist Sans-Serif

Published in 2018

Jonny Gibson

16 Styles


37 Languages

Kamber is a playful and approachable, neo-grotesque sans-serif with a handful of humanist flourishes. Subtle convex terminals and a curved structure create it's friendly personality and bouncy rhythm. If you're looking for a warm typeface that's affable without straying into cliché, then Kamber is your new best friend – like the labrador of typefaces.

Kamber's balanced yet quirky nature makes for a fun and interesting display face, without compromising on legibility at smaller sizes. The lowercase letters have an elevated x-height, sitting at around 70% of the cap height – this means running copy remains clear and readable.

Available in 8 weights, each with a corresponding italic, Kamber is a widely functional typeface that can hold it's own, regardless of the use case. It includes all the usual open type features for further adaptation and variation, including small caps, ligatures, stylistic alternates and more. The primary numerals are lining figures, but tabular figures, old style figures, and a combination of both are also included.

If you're looking for something to stand out from the sea of overly geometric faces and soulless helvetica variants, then Kamber is ready and waiting. Perfect for editorial design, branding or anywhere you use text – Kamber is the typeface that smiles.