Trial Fonts

Try before you buy

Buying type is like buying clothes – sometimes you gotta take it home and try it out with other stuff. So if our type-tester isn't cutting it, we got you.

Trial Font License

Our trial fonts are stripped-down versions of our typefaces with a limited character set. They won’t come with all the clever bells and whistles, open type feature, or modern type tech goodness – but they are the same sexy curves as the retail versions!

The Studio Buchanan Honesty Code™

By downloading our trial fonts, you hereby agree to use them for testing and experimental purposes only, and solemnly swear to properly license the full version of the font for any commercial use. Students may use our trial fonts for any academic project work, but will be required to 'cough up like the rest of us’ should you wish to use them in any commercial work – We do, however, offer student discounts. Send an email to using your university email address for more info.

Our trial font license also permits usage for social media posts, providing the work is of a 'personal and experimental' nature (and frankly, the weirder, the better) – and providing that appropriate credit is given in the form of complimentary comments and tagging.

Satisfactory examples include “featuring the sexy curves of Acklebury by @studio.buchanan” or simply “Typeface is Halcyon by @studio.buchanan”. But hey, why not get creative!

Visit the contact page to make a request